About Lopar

A wealth of nature, cultural heritage and Mediterranean cuisine



The perfection of natural beaches and bays located in the northwest of the island of Rab, is just over 10 kilometers from the city center and is known as the most popular tourist resort on the island. Although the island can be reached by ferry line Stinica – Mišnjak, Lopar is also connected by a direct ferry line with the village of Valbiska on the island of Krk.

What characterizes Lopar as a tourist destination is the richness and diversity of natural beaches and coves. In the area of Lopar there are as many as 22 sandy beaches, of which the most famous are Paradise Beach, Sahara and Livačina. Paradise Beach is a real little sand paradise with its almost two kilometers long and has greatly helped people from all over the world to recognize Lopar and develop tourism in this area.

However, you can also find various secluded coves, pebble beaches and surrounding islands, so Lopar is a perfect location for all forms of bathing tourism.


In addition to natural beauty, Lopar is a place of rich history, so it offers a variety of cultural events, such as Lopar Night. This event, which seeks to preserve the tradition and heritage of its previous inhabitants, has been held since 2006 and visitors can enjoy learning about the traditional way of life, cultural heritage and delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Also, there are more and more tourists who are interested in visiting Goli Otok, on the territory of which a political camp was established by the Yugoslav authorities in 1948. In addition to the prison cells themselves, one can also see the industry of the zones in which the prisoners worked during their stay in the camp. The industrial zone consisted of a metal plant, a wood plant and a stone plant, and some of the products were even used for export. The camp closed in 1988, and was later turned into a popular tourist destination.

Cultural heritage, natural wealth and rich offer of Mediterranean gastronomy have made Lopar one of the most recognizable destinations on the Adriatic.

Did you know ?

That St. Marin, the founder of the oldest existing republic in the world, was originally from Lopar !

He is believed to have been a craftsman, probably a stonemason, and escaped with a friend in Rimini during Christian persecutions. They were baptized by St. Gaudentius, Bishop of Rimini, and St. Marin converted many and taught the Christian life.

In 301, he founded the Republic of San Marino, of which he is also the patron saint. He is also the protector of deacons, stonemasons and falsely accused people.

He is commemorated on September 3, which is also a national holiday in San Marino.